Tiffany Smith


Thomas Jackson

Tiffany Smith and Thomas Jackson

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Our story begins on an October afternoon at a Texaco in Hapeville, GA. Tiffany was pumping gas and Thomas was paying for his. Tiffany heard someone say “Excuse me Miss”. She ignored him. He said it again, “Excuse me Miss” and she turned around, not knowing that day she had met the love of her life. What greeted her was a handsome guy named Thomas with the cutest dimples. Thomas asked her if she was single. Tiffany replied “It’s complicated” and Thomas responded it shouldn’t be. She agreed. Thomas asked for her number and she reluctantly gave it to him. He called and she answered and the adventure began.

After a year and a half of adventure, crazy dates and shared personal growth Thomas asked Tiffany to marry him. She said yes and here we find ourselves. Ready to take the next step of our lives.
Susan Moyal